Dále Vuelo in the Alibi

By August March for the Weekly Alibi, February 26, 2019

Photo by Wendy Johnson

Traditional New Mexican music comes in many forms. The music produced en el norte by small bands, or conjuntos, has been one of the most vital traditions in that world of multiple influences and vast varieties of instrumentation. From outta this mad and magnificent melting pot come a trio called Lone Piñon, a group dedicated to preserving, performing and proudly rocking out to the near-ancient sounds that come from deep in the ground, la tierra de Nuevo Mexico.

In 2013, founding members Noah Martinez and Jordan Wax—both from outta Santa—took up the study of the violin-based dance music familiar to all sorta old-school norteños in these parts. The result was a new band that grokked tradition, understood the influences and ultimately rebirthed and became part of the new scene itself. Playing instruments like the fiddle, accordion, guitarrónquinta huapangueratololoche and bajo sexto, Martinez, Wax do more than bring the past to life; their vitality of presentation makes for fresh, engaging listening too. The latest album from Lone Piñon is called Dále Vuelo, which means “give it flight,” something the band does with precision and pleasure.

Jordan Wax